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Why have pool heating?

Your swimming pool is an expensive investment, so you really want to utilize it as often as possible.

However, in spring and autumn you probably find that, even though the days are warm enough, the water is just too cold to enjoy your swim. A swimming pool heating system can remedy that.

Your energy efficient choices include solar pool heaters, a pool heat pump and a solar pool blanket.

Solar Pool Heating

Whilst there are various effective ways of heating your pool water, solar heating is the only method with no day to day running costs. Moreover, unlike Natural or Propane gas fired units, Oil burning units, Electric Immersion Element type units or Electric Heat Pumps, solar heating leaves no carbon footprint. After the initial installation cost, your solar solution uses only the energy from the sun. Your only electrical output is from the existing pool pump.

A solar water heating system is by far the cheapest way to heat your pool.

How does solar pool heating works

Location, Location

Firstly, we identify the nearest roof to your pool that catches a decent amount of sunshine per day. The norm is 6 to 8 hours. A north facing roof with a 30 degree pitch is the ideal, but any roof will work as long as the solar panels receive enough sun.

If your roof is constantly in the shade, we can mount your solar collectors in a sunny spot on the ground or a specially built structure.

The next step is to decide on the size of your heating collector system. The rule of thumb is one solar panel per every 10 000 liters of pool water. This should give you a water temperature increase of around 8 to 10 degrees.

You can calculate your total pool water volume with the following equation: Length x Width X Average Depth X 1000 = Total Water Volume.

However, certain factors can influence this calculation. For example, we need to consider the distance from your panels to the pool and the amount of sun they receive. Consequently, if your roof does not receive maximum sun exposure, we need to add more solar heating panels.

Moreover, as your pool loses most of its heat through the top surface, we also suggest you acquire a swimming pool solar blanket or thermal cover.

Comparatively speaking, this is the difference between heating a house with or without a roof.

The solar pool heating installation process

Once our evaluation is complete, we install your solar swimming pool heating system in less than a day. It really only consists of three basic components: the solar panels, a pump and a filter. Your existing pool pump is normally strong enough.

Accordingly, the pool pump pushes water through a filter to strain possible debris. This water is then pumped to the mounted solar panels, circulated and heated by the sun’s rays. Subsequently, the warm water flows back into your pool.

This process repeats until you hit the bypass switch, which effectively provides you the means to control your water temperature.

A solar pool heating system is the perfect solution to your cold water problems. Not only is it maintenance free and eco friendly, it also has a very long life expectancy. Furthermore, it just makes sense to harness the free energy of the fierce South African sun.

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Pool Heat Pumps

If, however, you would like to swim all year round, or you are unable to go the solar route, then a swimming pool heat pump is your answer.

Pool heat pumps basically work like your traditional refrigerator, just in reverse. Utilizing a small amount of electricity, a heat pump powers a fan and compressor that draws in ambient air, converts it to hot gas, which in turn heats the water.

It produces approximately 5kw of heat for every 1kw of energy, which makes it extremely energy efficient.

Additionally, swimming pool heating occurs much quicker compared to solar, with the added benefit that you can heat your pool day and night, winter and summer.

Whilst pool heat pump prices might be higher than your average gas option, the running costs are substantially lower. Furthermore, with proper installation and regular maintenance, a heat pump has an impressive life span. Off course, Sky Blue Pools will take care of any swimming pool heater repairs.

Pool Blanket

Whether your decision is a solar heater or a heat pump, you will notice that both are notably more effective used in conjunction with a solar pool cover.

In fact, on its own, a pool solar blanket is a fairly successful swimming pool heating system. It not only prevents evaporation, but absorbs the rays of the sun. Its air pocket or bubble wrap design reflects the sun’s rays into the water and heats the area directly beneath the pool blanket. Your filtration system then circulates this warm water throughout your pool.

Additionally the heat warms the air in the bubbles, which works as an insulator to prevent evaporation.
The fact is, that in the summer months, an average pool loses as much as 9 000 liters of water due to evaporation. This alone pleads the case on solar blanket protection for swimming pools.

Sky Blue Pools offers you the choice of a solar pool heater or a pool heat pump to cost effectively extend your swimming season. Use either of these with one of our pool blankets and ensure your swimming pool heating system’s efficiency.

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