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Pool Pump Repairs

Sky Blue pools does pool pump repair, pump installation and pump replacement in Krugersdorp, Roodepoort & Randburg Areas.

Swimming Pool Pumps

Your swimming pool pump is the heart of your pool maintenance system. It circulates the water through your skimmer, filters it, and distributes it back into your pool. So, if you don’t want to do all this by hand, then this is the one piece of machinery you need to maintain your pool in tip top condition.

Types of Swimming Pool Pumps

The correct pool pump for your pool size

It is essential to choose the correct size pump for your pool. The incorrect pool pump could not only hinder filtration, but might cause damage to your filter or heater system.

The rule of thumb is to divide the pool volume by the water turnover time in minutes, in order to calculate the flow rate in liters per minute. To clarify: you would divide a 60 000 liter pool by 240, to figure out which pump would turn over the water every 4 hours or 240 minutes.

Remember to also keep in mind the diameter of your pool plumbing, as well as any additional features or accessories connected to your plumbing system. You don not want to exceed the flow rate your system can withstand.

As there are so many factors to consider, we strongly suggest a consultation with a pool professional to ensure you install the correct pump.

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Pool Pump Speed

Basically the three pool pumps available to you are the following:

  • Single Speed Pump.
    This is your most affordable pool pump and, as its name states, it runs at a constant speed. Hence, for decades, this has been the most popular choice in pool pumps. Unfortunately, it consumes an inordinate amount of energy and will send your electricity bill sky rocketing.
  • Two-Speed Pump. This pump sports a low and high speed option. Typically, you run your pool pump on low speed to conserve energy, but turn to high speed in order to vacuum or run the pool heater.
  • Variable Speed Pool Pump. This pump is quite simply your finest option if you need to conserve energy. Notwithstanding the fact that it is more costly than the other pumps, your return on investment is worth the while. The variable speed pump only works at the level required for the particular task. Accordingly, this is also the pump mostly advised in conjunction with salt water systems.

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Swimming Pool Pump Repair

The biggest question in pool repair is normally: “do I fix or do I replace?” Likewise, in the case of the dead pool pump, you need to determine between a pool pump motor repair or complete pump replacement. Consequently, keep in mind that the price variation between a motor replacement or a complete new pool pump installation could be sizeable.

Pump Repair or Replace?

Pump Replacement

• If your pool pump is older than 9 years, then the cost of maintenance might be higher in the long run than a pool pump installation. Moreover, you will probably be better off with new, superior and energy efficient technology.

• Your pump motor trips the power. This could be a serious electrical fault, which your pool expert might not be able to do a pool pump repair.

• When your pool pump motor repair cost is more than 70% of the cost of a replacement, then it is sensible to replace the entire pump. Furthermore, this ensures that you have a new pump under warranty, whereas, as a rule, replacement parts do not carry a guarantee.

Pool Pump Repair

• A grinding or screechy noise. This is liable to be a problem with the bearings. Fortunately, these are easy to fix and relatively inexpensive.
• Wet end problems, like a broken pump basket or worn seals or o-rings are typically easy to repair.
• A humming motor could indicate a capacitor problem. On average, caused by a power surge or overheating, this is an easy fix.

Skye Blue Pools can assist in pool pump replacements in addition to any pump or pump motor repairs. We service and install all types of pumps, including salt water chlorinators.

Be sure to act with the first indication of trouble, as an idle pool pump creates a fertile breeding ground for algae.

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