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Is your pool looking tired and old? In need of a change or an update to match a new home renovation? Or have you more recently moved and inherited a previous pool owner’s sense of style? You are almost certainly wondering how best to improve and update your ageing pool.

There are many great features that will transform your tired old pool into an oasis, including incorporating a water feature, such as a waterfall or pool fountain, which can complement your pool renovation. Water features come in many different styles.

Adding pool structures during your pool renovation, such as a Pergola, Gazebo or Pool Room, can add another dimension to the practicality of the pool area. Structures can make the space more useful, exciting and even more beautiful.

Structures at the edge of a pool can provide shade from the summer heat, or just about anywhere to create a landscaping feature and a place for relaxation.

Creatively integrate the best advances in efficient water filtration, heating, safety accessories and lighting technology with quality pool renovations techniques to reflect your contemporary aspirations.  You will be amazed to learn what can be achieved and how your ageing swimming pool can be transformed.

Read our article Pool renovation ideas for inspiration.

Pool Resurfacing

Resurfacing your pool improves the look of your pool which also serves the practical purpose of replacing something that wears out over time.  If your pool has a simple plaster finish, an update could also make your pool look more modern.  There are many finishes that come in different colours and incorporate stones, shells or other materials.

By simply updating the waterline tile you can give your pool a more contemporary look and combine it with deck and/or pool resurfacing, and you will think you have a whole new pool.

Pool Water Features

While it might stretch your pool remodeling budget, things like waterfalls and sprayers can quite easily be added into an existing pool design.  However, please bear in mind that water features can also increase the cost to maintain your pool by using extra electricity and increasing water evaporation.

Pool Efficiency Features

There are also a whole lot of features designed to make your pool less expensive to operate such as a variable speed pool pump which uses less electricity and solar powered features e.g. heaters, lights etc.  LED pool lights deliver a deep hue to the pool water and are energy efficient.

Pool Renovations West Rand – Use a Local Pool Renovator

It is important to engage the services of a good local pool contractor such as Sky Blue Pools. We have done a lot of pool remodeling in the West Rand and Randburg, we are familiar with the age of local pools and their unique problems.

As a local pool contractor we know to expect certain problems such as soil conditions and water quality. Using an experienced local pool contractor help you avoid unexpected surprises which inevitably lead to additional costs and extra services.

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Please contact us if you have any pool renovations related questions or to get an indication of pool renovation prices!

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