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Marbelite & Fibreglass Pool repairs in the West Rand and Randburg

Pool Repairs

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pool repairs

Pool Repairs

Pool Repairs

Contact us, we do all types of Pool repairs in  Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, West Rand & Randburg Areas.

When your swimming pool loses its shimmer and cracks, chips and regular wear and tear appear, you need to bring your pool back to life.

Coping, surface & cracked pool repairs

A damaged or over worn pool interior increases swimming pool maintenance expenses and can allow expensive chemicals to be lost. It also puts your friends and family at risk of cuts and abrasions making your swimming pool a less than happy place to spend your leisure time.

When concrete pools begin to age, the plaster will require repair. You have the option to either re-plaster your pool or replace the whitecoat. This will improve the appearance of the pool or reduce roughness of the plaster. New pool plaster will also hide cracks or chips or cover rough and stained plaster. Alternatively there is the option to patch the swimming pool plaster.

If cracking, hollow spots and chipping occur, you can either repair the cracks in your pool by emptying the pool or repair small cracks or chips in the plaster with a full pool.

Small cracks in your fiberglass pool are able to be repaired as well as fiberglass blisters and bubbles. Remember you will not get a perfect color match and you will always see the repair. The only way to avoid this would be to resurface the entire swimming pool with a new gelcoat finish.

In cases of severe damage or destruction of a fiberglass pool, the entire shell can be replaced with a new shell of similar size and shape.

Pool leak repairs

Most leaks in pools occur through cracks in floors or walls, but some develop through highly porous concrete.

Some causes of pool leaks are:

• Errors in structural design
• Settlement due to ground movement
• When stresses exceed the tensile strength
• Weak construction joints
• Improperly sealed working joints

Specialist swimming pool leak detection technicians are able to locate any leak in your pool. By pressure testing the pipework and/or physically dying the pool, any pool leak can be found. Split pipes can even be detected under concrete. Once the leak has been located, your swimming pool leak detection technician can determine the best course of action to take to do the pool repairs.

It is important that all leaks be repaired as soon as possible as earth may be washing away underground causing greater problems in the future. You also run the risk of damaging your pump if a leaking pipe splits further requiring extensive pool leak repair.

Blue Sky Pools have many years experience in all types of pool repairs. Contact us for a free quote.

Pool Pump Repairs

A new mechanical seal and bearings can give new lift to an old pump. Should your pump not be working, a pool pump repair technician can take the pump into the workshop for assessment and will be able to advise you if the pump is repairable or not. Sometimes it may not be feasible or economical to repair a pool pump due to its age or internal corrosion.
To prevent your pool pump from burning out ;
• Protect your pool pump from the elements such as keeping rain off the motor!
• Does your pool pump housing allow sufficient air movement to prevent the motor from overheating.
• Ensure that there are no restrictions occurring on the water inlet side of the plumping that would cause the pump to work harder.
• Check the pressure reading on the filter gauge.

Read more about pool pump repairs and replacement.

Sky Blue Pools offers a wide variety of swimming pool repairs including:

  • Moving and repairing pool pumps.
  • Coping and paving repairs.
  • Replacing old and leaking skimmer boxes and underwater lights.
  • Pool Filters and salt water chlorinators repairs.
  • Pool leak detecting and repairing pool leaks.
  • Pressure testing and replacement of faulty pipes.

Please feel free to contact us for pool repair prices or to get a quote for pool repairs.

We offer pool repair services in the following areas:
Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Randfontein & Randburg

Our other pool services include:

Pool renovations
New pools
Pool pump repairs
Pool heating systems

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