Pool Safety Tips

You’ve just had your Sky Blue Pool installed. The kids have been slathered with sun block, the fire’s been lit and you’re admiring the sparkling water with a beer in hand. But, before you take the plunge, consider the following pool safety tips:

  • Never allow children in or near the swimming pool without adult supervision.
    It is estimated that around 18% of drowning deaths in SA take place in private pools, whilst about 75% of these occur among children under the age of 5. Be vigilant.
  • Train your children to swim as soon as they are old enough. Teach your baby or toddler floating and swimming techniques or take them to qualified instructors. Pool safety rules need to be established from an early age.
  • Ensure your pool is completely enclosed by fencing, as well as a child proof gate. It should be high enough to deter toddlers from climbing over. Instruct your older children not to enter without supervision. Approximately 69% of drowning incidents take place when no adults are in sight and the pool is unfenced.
  • Place a safety cover over your pool when not in use. Preferably one that does not allow water to seep through to the top. This is not only important in keeping the children safe, but also those wayward pets that might wander onto the cover. Ascertain that your safety pool cover is properly anchored and pulled taut over the pool, to prohibit children or pets climbing under the cover.
  • Inspect your pool drain cover regularly to ensure it’s not loose or broken.
  • Use non slip material for the area surrounding your swimming pool, as well as the steps and diving board. For pool safety sake, think about installing steps or ladders on both the shallow and deep ends with guard rails on both sides of the steps.
  • Maintain your pool with the correct chemicals. Test and adjust these regularly. This will not only keep the pool sparkling but will keep the risk of eye infections, ear aches and rashes away. An improperly cared for pool is a breeding ground for all types of bacteria, algae, mosquitoes and other pests that could carry illness to your family.
  • Try and minimize the use of alcohol around the pool area. Although pools, parties and sunny skies seem like they belong together, more than 40% of people over the age of 15 drown yearly whilst under the influence. Alcoholic acrobatics also cause more trips to the emergency room than mentionable.
  • Remember that pool safety extends to storing pool chemicals out of reach of children and pets.

Your Sky Blue Pool should be a source of fun and relaxation for years to come. Swimming is not only great exercise; it’s also an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Adhere to our pool safety tips and enjoy it accident free.