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Pool renovation

Swimming pool renovation and remodeling

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Your swimming pool should enhance the value of your house. If you think your kidney shaped water hole with the old brick coping is failing miserably at this, then it’s time for a pool renovation. Never fear, you don’t have to dig up the old pool or take out a second bond on the house to be able to renovate. There are some less expensive ways of acquiring that oasis in your back yard that you always wanted.

Resurfacing a swimming pool

Why resurface?

Okay, whilst not the cheapest option on the list, resurfacing can really rejuvenate your pool. Besides, if your pool lining is blistering, flaking, showing hair line cracks or shredding your soles with its rough surface, this would be a renovation necessity.

All pools start showing wear and tear after a couple of years. Unbalanced PH levels and frequent use can cause your pool’s surface to deteriorate. Chemicals, minerals and falling debris are normally the reason for the discoloration of the lining, but algae can be the worst culprit and as soon as it becomes impossible to eliminate, it might be time to resurface your swimming pool.

What’s available?

Fiberglass relining is a fairly popular choice. It’s affordable, flexible, smooth and will adhere to any type of pool surface.

Plaster is also an economical option to use on your concrete pool, but speak to the professionals about how long it will last. Also, you might need to use more chemicals to maintain balanced water chemistry. Adding filler to the mix could prevent this.

Quartz and pebbles are commonly mixed together for a more resilient surface. Pebble plaster is a more pricey option but gives a smooth, rock like quality and a lovely, arresting look. Additionally, pebble blends are more resistant to chemicals and stains.

Epoxy coating seems to be a controversial choice. Some people claim that it works wonderfully and others hate it. It’s seems cheaper than having to re-Marbelite the surface, but once again, check with a professional on what the duration of their guarantee is on this.

Pool renovation – LED Lighting

Gone are the days when your only pool light option was a white car headlight lookalike. LED lights will give your pool scape a whole new ambiance. This is probably the easiest way to remodel and transform your entire back yard.

Why LED?

Whilst more expensive, energy consumption is really low. Most of these bulbs use under 10 Watt, and last a whole lot longer than your normal bulb, so you save in the long run. Furthermore, the rich, deep colours can’t be replicated by your incandescent bulbs.

What’s available?

From mini sparkler pool LED’s to super bright swimming pool lights to floating lights. Various colour and light shows. Shop around.

Energy Efficient Equipment for Pools

This is a pool renovation that will actually save you money in the long run.

Why EEE?

Eskom. Need I say more? Your pool guzzles electricity, so making it work more efficiently should have a huge effect on your monthly bill.

What’s available?

Variable speed pumps. Fixed speed pumps use about double the energy to get the same job done.

Your other alternatives are energy efficient filters, (There are quite a few options on the market today.) solar pool pumps, solar heaters etc.

Even changes like removing the bends in your pipe work and using larger diameter pipes could reduce the resistance of your water flow and save operation costs.

These pool renovations are really just a drop in the bucket. Waterline tiles, re-doing the surface around your pool, changing the coping or adding a water feature can all transform your pool into that inviting haven you just want to dive into.

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