Marbelite vs Fibreglass pool installations

Fiberglass Pool Installations

Marbelite vs Fiberglass Pool Installations

You’ve decided to take the plunge and have a swimming pool installed. Now you are facing the Marbelite or Fiberglass pool installation conundrum. Which is best? Ask ten friends and some of them will swear by Marbelite whilst the others insist Fiberglass is the only way to go.

Let’s try and simplify it for you, so you can make your own informed decision.

Marbelite is white cement and white marble dust mixture, used as an interior pool finish designed for resurfacing gunite or shotcrete pools. It can be given a variety of colours, quartz finish, glass bead finish or be left white.

Fiberglass is a pre-formed, factory molded shell that is installed in one piece.

Marbelite pool Installations

With a Marbelite pool, you have much greater freedom of design. Basically, you can create any size and shape to custom fit your landscape. As it’s built on site, you can add features such as customized steps and flooring, sloped entrances and waterfalls.

You also have a wide choice of mosaics available to create the look you want, such as glass, porcelain or ceramic.

However, the surface is fairly rough and could leave your feet feeling raw. Your kids especially will feel the effect of this, as they tend to do more jumping than swimming.

Your pool surface is porous, which means you could spend more time and chemicals maintaining it. It’s also more susceptible to algae.

Initial building costs are fairly high and installation is time consuming. Also, whilst concrete pools are durable, it cannot absorb ground movements and will often crack, and once the shell is cracked it is very costly to have it repaired.

Fiberglass Pool Installations

You might not have the same creative opportunity with a fiberglass pool, but these days there is an extensive range of molds to choose from. So, if you’re happy choosing from a catalogue, then this pool might be for you.

As the Fiberglass shell is manufactured off site and installed in one piece, the installation process is much quicker.

It won’t need a liner and the surface is smooth to the touch as it has already been covered by a gel coat satin factory finish. This makes is easier to clean and more difficult for algae to adhere to. Consequently you will spend less time and money maintaining it.

Fiberglass pools, if properly installed, will stretch without cracking in unstable conditions such as clay.


So, there you have it, two popular types of pool installations. Consider cost, creativity, functionality and maintenance. The choice is up to you.

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